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(UF Module)
Tap water, underground water, industrial water of high class treatment.
Waste water recycling system.
Pre-filtration for desalination plant, ultra-pure water systems (Pre-RO)
Precision cleansing water, food and beverages, desalination pre filtration
Polyether sulfone
hollow fiber membrane
PROMET High temperature fluids,hgigh differential pressure, high viscosity fluids, corrosive liquids and gases, toxic or harzardous fluids, cryogenic fluids, hydrauic oil, electroic grade liquids and gases, natural or process gases, precious particulate recovery, process steam sterilization steam. Metal fiber
5 layers sintered metal
Metal mesh
PROBAG - Automotive Painting-Pre coat :
  Removal of paint lump, well distribution of paint particle, protechtion of UF module, heat exchanger recirculating nozzle from contamination, removal of the cause of surface defect
- Cleaning Plastic Parts :
  Obtain parts cleaniness and extended life of solvent, reduce repair time and waste cost, reduce downtime, improve productivity
- Other Industry :
  Amine(petroleum Industries), waste water treatment, phamaceutical food
Nyoln, Viscose,
Nomex, Wool,
PROGAS Degassing of ultrapure and pharmaceutical water, CO₂ removal, O₂ removal, humidification of gasses, pH adjustment of water, oxygenation and carbon dioxide removal for bioreactors/fermenters, sparging of gasses to solutions Hydrophobic polypropylene
hollow fiber membrane
PROROL RIB stripper, ITO stripper, lubricant, petroleum, paint booth, HVAC, air cleaner, hood, pre-filtration for air and liquid (water), adsorption of oil and organic chemical Polypropylene
Polyester + Rayon
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